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The Local Government Smart Cities Network (LGSCN) provides staff of local government organisations and local government representative bodies in Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to connect, network, share resources and create smart cities opportunities.

The Network is centred around the following core functions:

  • Providing a networking communication platform for local government peers

  • Hosting a knowledge exchange to store and share resources

  • Facilitating monthly webinars with international cities, towns and regions

  • Undertaking virtual deep-dives around key implementation topics such as governance, procurement, and project financing and funding

  • Building a pipeline of 'shovel ready' smart cities projects

  • Aggregating demand and attracting investment

The Smart Cities Council is the secretariat for the Network, providing the underpinning digital infrastructure (website, Network collaboration tool, teleconferencing and webinar facilities), editorial support, international city matching and a project scoping and funding platform via the Smart Cities Project Activator.


​By joining the Network you will have access to:

  • Member profiles and contact details

  • Communication platform and discussion forum

  • Resource Exchange

  • Monthly international webinar's

  • Bi-monthly technical deep dives

  • Quarterly challenge exchanges

  • Annual in-person gathering at Smart Cities Week

* The Local Government Smart Cities Network is open to employees of a local government entity, and local government led representative organisations. State, territory, regional and national government representatives are invited to participate as observing members. There is no cost to join the Network. Some activities may require a participation fee where activities require expenses beyond the core functions of the Network. By joining this Network you agree to your contact details being shared on the Member-only contact list available only to registered Members of the Network. Your contact details are not made public.




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